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Comings & Goings: Three Book Festival in 8 Days

I’ll be driving around, working on weekends, and showing up at various upcoming book festivals. If you can make it, yes, please, by all means stop by my table and say hello.

I’ll be signing books and eager to talk about school visits. Or if you wish, just write to me at: Jamespreller@aol.com and we can begin the conversation that way. 

1) SEPTEMBER 30th, 2023



This one is bananas. Something like 180 authors & illustrators, possibly the biggest children’s book festival in the States? Who is going to be there? Everybody. 

2) OCTOBER 1st, 2023


This is a new one for me, which is exciting and slightly anxiety provoking. I’m hoping for smaller, quieter, cozier. I’m hoping to see area teachers and librarians and maybe we can begin talking about school visits. 

3) OCTOBER 7th, 2023


Ah, sweet Warwick. A lovely town and a nice day in the park. If you’ve never visited Warwick, NY, here’s a good excuse. Please say hello. Here are some of the titles that *might* be there . . . 





Come See Me at Book Festivals Across New York: Warwick, Chappaqua, Rochester, Hudson


Let’s imagine, for a wild moment, that you are desperate to see James Preller sitting at a table filled with many of his/my books, Sharpie poised in his/my hand, glazed look in his/my eyes. 

Well, this is your lucky day!

Here’s a list of 4 different book festivals in New York State that I’ll be attending in the near and semi-near and quasi-distant future.

No other state will have him/me. 

And by “near” I mean: this Saturday. And the Saturday after that. 

And by “quasi-distant” I mean: Next Year!

And — joking aside — I am grateful to be invited to participate in these celebrations of books, of literacy, of reading. Meeting teachers and parents and young readers. There will be a day soon enough when I am no longer invited anywhere. Which is why I say yes to everything!

Thankfully, happily, eagerly.

Click on the links for details if you are a detail person. 



WARWICK: October 8th!

CHAPPAQUA: October 15th!

ROCHESTER: November 5th!

HUDSON: May 6th!


Thank you and, yes, please, ask me about school visits!

Hope to See You Tomorrow at the Warwick Children’s Book Festival!



Have you ever been to Warwick? What a cool little town. Worth a visit. Been doing this book festival for 4-5 years now. Great scene. Please stop by and say hello. And bring your credit card! Then I’m driving down to an Elks Club in Massapequa, home of the Long Island Lolita, for my 40th Wantagh High School reunion, proud that I still have my original hair.

Among other books, including the new Jigsaw Jones, the new “Big Idea Gang,” and The Courage Test, possibly others, I’ll be signing copies of my brand-spanking-new middle grade thriller, Blood Mountain. So proud of this one.

Author Sighting!

And they always said I had a face for radio.

Yet there I was on Saturday, yammering away on KidLit TV at the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival. Show me a microphone and I will instantly, effortlessly transform into a stammering doofus. Oh well!

Blood Mountain comes out tomorrow! The long road to publication finally ends, and a new long road begins. It never stops. Just keep on keepin’ on. 

I’m interviewed here by Jessie Janowitz, who is a terrific writer. She wrote The Doughnut Fix and her followup, The Doughnut King, just came out. Big talent, great energy, and my friend. Don’t miss her books. Jessie is something special.

Note: I’ll be at the Warwick Children’s Book Festival on Saturday, October 12th. It would be nice to see you!

Come to Warwick Children’s Book Festival on October 7th!


Come to beautiful, cozy, friendly Warwick, NY, for a really nice afternoon with more than 60 authors and illustrators along with the assembled book-lovers.

“Companions of the flame!” as the poet H.D. wrote.

It’s a great scene and sends an important message to your children. We value books, reading is important, and it’s fun, too. We can’t spend our entire lives driving to soccer practice!

Time is 11:00 – 4:00.

On a personal note, yes, please say hello. I’ll have my new Jigsaw Jones books there, as well as — for the first time! — 10 advance copies of my brand new middle-grade novel, Better Off UndeadI’m so excited about this book and can’t wait for young people to read it.

Also: Ask me about school visits!





Hilarious . . . splendidly lurid.” — Booklist, Starred Review.

“This uproarious middle grade call to action has considerable kid appeal and a timely message.” School Library Journal.

“Espionage, mystery, and the undead make for a satisfying experience for readers.” —Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books.

“A message of empowerment and acceptance.” — Publishers Weekly.