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Photo: Cat Eyes

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 Posted in Family | 1 Comment »

I took this photo of my fat cat. For an author of a series called "Scary Tales," it impossible not to feel a little inspired.

COMINGS & GOINGS: The Rochester Children’s Book Festival, November 16th

Monday, November 4th, 2013 Posted in Bystander, Current Events, Family, Jigsaw Jones, Scary Tales, Uncategorized | No Comments »

I've always heard great things about the Rochester Children's Book Festival, but never got invited. I tried to weasel an invitation a few years back (clever Cynthia DeFelice reference), but that went nowhere. Finally, at last, I wore 'em down. ...

My Boys Never Did This

Monday, October 14th, 2013 Posted in Family | No Comments »

It was a busy weekend. Around here, that's like saying the ocean was damp. It's how we roll. On Sunday, I dropped Maggie off at her AAU basketball's coach's house in Castleton at 9:00, because she had a 10:00 practice in ...

Some Photos from Our Vacation in Ireland

Friday, August 23rd, 2013 Posted in Family, Music, Scary Tales | 1 Comment »

We just enjoyed a dream vacation in Ireland and now, Dear Faithful Reader, sit back while I show you more than 700 photographs . . . Wait, no. Just kidding! It really was a special trip -- a place I love in ...

OVERHEARD: “What’s In the Box?” (I Love My Daughter, Part 283)

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 Posted in Family, Middle School Life | No Comments »

With my 14-year-old boy in the car, we run a couple of errands. First to the Farmer's Market because we are obsessed with Jimmy Makes Pizza. Next to the library, return some things. Then to pick up Maggie, age 12, ...

Quick Link: Baseball, Childhood Cancer, and a Family Comes Full Circle

Friday, March 15th, 2013 Posted in Around the Web, Family, New York Mets | No Comments »

This is a story I've told before, 4-5 years back, but recently retold over at my other blog, 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball. The name pretty much says it all. So I'll direct you to it. Right this way, people ---> Click ...

OVERHEARD: “Burrrrrp. Oh, yeah.”

Monday, February 18th, 2013 Posted in Family, Overheard | 1 Comment »

That would be my daughter, Maggie, as she leaves the room. Like a jet plane with a trail of exhaust. The burp was bad enough. Well, I don't really think so. I sort of like that Maggie enjoys a good burp. She's ...

A Murder of Crows, Etc.

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 Posted in Family, Interviews & Appreciations, Scary Tales | 2 Comments »

In Book #3 of my SCARY STORIES Series -- launching this summer, so don't make any plans -- and I mean that, no plans whatsoever -- I featured a whole mess of crows in the story. You know, when it ...

OVERHEARD: “I guess science is my favorite class — I just wish it wasn’t so serious.”

Thursday, January 24th, 2013 Posted in Around the Web, Family, In the Classroom, Middle School Life | 3 Comments »

Lisa had asked Maggie, grade 6, about her classes and received the above reply. Which at first struck me as a hilarious thing to say about science. It was like saying, I don't know, math should be funnier. Social studies, ...

JIMMY TIME! (And a Poem for Dad)

Monday, January 7th, 2013 Posted in Family, the writing process | 2 Comments »

I don't write many poems these days -- and no one has complained about that. But lately I've been reading a lot of poetry. I've been drawn to plain-spoken poems of late, not the dense, compressed, intellectual type I used ...