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Sorry, Kids!

On Reading Levels

Just passing this along.


The Awesome Genius of BookFaceFriday

I’m not on Twitter. Basically I’m afraid I might like it too much. Lose hours, days, weeks. Scrolling and scrolling. Forget to brush my teeth, stop eating, die. So I’ve stayed away. But I realize that I’m missing out on some clever stuff, and dazzling opportunities for self-promotion and impossible wealth. There’s also probably a lot of things about it that would annoy the heck out of me.

So, whatever, I’m good.

Anyway, I’ve been aware and amused by the BookFace concept for many years. It started as an RecordFace thing, I believe, and the book variation was an obvious outgrowth. At the publication of the new book by my pal Peter Lerangis, I saw this . . . created by the good folks at Blair Memorial Library.


. . . and then wandered down the rabbit hole. Here’s a few BookFaces I particularly enjoyed.

Aren’t book people the best?

Of all my books, I can only think of one candidate that could lend itself to the BookFace treatment. Six Innings, anyone?

(Don’t make me beg, people.)



As always, God bless the interwebs!

Author Sighting!

And they always said I had a face for radio.

Yet there I was on Saturday, yammering away on KidLit TV at the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival. Show me a microphone and I will instantly, effortlessly transform into a stammering doofus. Oh well!

Blood Mountain comes out tomorrow! The long road to publication finally ends, and a new long road begins. It never stops. Just keep on keepin’ on. 

I’m interviewed here by Jessie Janowitz, who is a terrific writer. She wrote The Doughnut Fix and her followup, The Doughnut King, just came out. Big talent, great energy, and my friend. Don’t miss her books. Jessie is something special.

Note: I’ll be at the Warwick Children’s Book Festival on Saturday, October 12th. It would be nice to see you!

Nature-Connected Parenting: May We Raise Children . . .

I came across this poem today, posted on Facebook by a teacher friend. Comments below . . .

I googled the author, Nicolette Sowder, and learned that she started a website and Facebook page,, that’s dedicated to the idea of nature-connected parenting. Go ahead and click that link if you are interested.

Nicolette writes: “Guide your family back to nature. We were once wild. I want to help you slow down, simplify, and invite nature back into your family’s life. Let’s go wild together.”

You can sign up for the newsletter:

“Slowing down and connecting with the rhythms of nature is an easier path to walk when you are supported by an amazing community of families who you resonate with. There are different areas of the Wilder Child ecosystem depending on where you are in your journey. The thing that connects all those paths is the Wilder Child Newsletter. I will never spam you, and you’ll only get an email filled with updates & goodies once a lunar month on every full moon. Sign up here and get your free Nature Play printable.”

Amen, Nicolette, whoever you are!