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Children’s Signs at the 9/20 Climate Change March

The good folks at The New Yorker, still my favorite magazine after all these years, put together a selection of signs made by children and carried at the September 20th climate change protest in NYC.

Here’s a sampling . . .

The Awesome Genius of BookFaceFriday

I’m not on Twitter. Basically I’m afraid I might like it too much. Lose hours, days, weeks. Scrolling and scrolling. Forget to brush my teeth, stop eating, die. So I’ve stayed away. But I realize that I’m missing out on some clever stuff, and dazzling opportunities for self-promotion and impossible wealth. There’s also probably a lot of things about it that would annoy the heck out of me.

So, whatever, I’m good.

Anyway, I’ve been aware and amused by the BookFace concept for many years. It started as an RecordFace thing, I believe, and the book variation was an obvious outgrowth. At the publication of the new book by my pal Peter Lerangis, I saw this . . . created by the good folks at Blair Memorial Library.


. . . and then wandered down the rabbit hole. Here’s a few BookFaces I particularly enjoyed.

Aren’t book people the best?

Of all my books, I can only think of one candidate that could lend itself to the BookFace treatment. Six Innings, anyone?

(Don’t make me beg, people.)



As always, God bless the interwebs!

Hope to See You Tomorrow at the Warwick Children’s Book Festival!



Have you ever been to Warwick? What a cool little town. Worth a visit. Been doing this book festival for 4-5 years now. Great scene. Please stop by and say hello. And bring your credit card! Then I’m driving down to an Elks Club in Massapequa, home of the Long Island Lolita, for my 40th Wantagh High School reunion, proud that I still have my original hair.

Among other books, including the new Jigsaw Jones, the new “Big Idea Gang,” and The Courage Test, possibly others, I’ll be signing copies of my brand-spanking-new middle grade thriller, Blood Mountain. So proud of this one.

Come to The Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival: Saturday, Oct 5


I’ll see you on Saturday . . . if you come out to the incredible Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival. I’ll have advance copies of my new book, BLOOD MOUNTAIN, a 2019 Junior Library Guild Selection. It won’t be available anywhere else on the planet until October 10th. Thank you, Dawn Evans Greenberg, for the love & support & tireless advocacy, and to all the unheralded folks who work so very hard to make this event happen. Good times, good times.

T-Shirt on a School Visit

Somewhere in Vermont last week, I came across a young student wearing this t-shirt and took a photo.

There’s a lot of great shirts out there.

And now I’m home for a stretch, because all we really care about in April is testing, testing, testing. 

As positive and energizing as a school visit can be, I sometimes come away from those visits with a tinge of sadness. The job of teacher has changed. So much stress over things that, to me, don’t matter very much. That’s a textbook definition of anxiety, btw, to be responsible for something over which you have little control. Those scores.

One thing is painfully clear: teachers generally don’t know books as much as they used to. The climate has shifted. Burdened by responsibilities, so many teachers don’t seem to be readers anymore. It’s not in their purview, and it’s not expected of them anymore. Maybe it’s me. But in many conversations I’ve had that perception confirmed by school librarians, teachers, other authors. Books just aren’t seen as central to the job anymore. I’m not seeing that old enthusiasm or that joy.

It’s April now, the cruelest month. Sharpen those pencils, kids, fill those answer bubbles . . .