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The Circle of Life: A Little Red Bird Meets My Wife, Driving a Car

This morning my wife, Lisa, and daughter, Maggie (13), pulled into our driveway after an energizing run. What a great way to start the day.

Lisa, alas, did not notice the cardinal that was moving awkwardly on the pavement. Or, I guess, Lisa just expected that it would fly away. Most birds do. This one did not. Splat.

Maggie said, “Mama? Did you just . . . ?”

Our daughter was upset. Well on her way to becoming a young woman, Maggie was suddenly a little girl again, traumatized, struggling to understand.


The poor bird had no chance against a Toyota Camry.

In the car, there was a pause. Maggie distraught, in disbelief.

Lisa thinking, “Uh-oh.”

My wife steps out of the car to see what’s to be done, figuring it will involve a shovel and a garbage can and perhaps a few years of therapy for the aforementioned Maggie. Insurance almost certainly won’t cover it.

Suddenly a large black crow swoops down, grabs the splattered cardinal in its beak, and flies off.

Bye-bye, birdie.

Maggie catatonic now, sputtering, “Mama? Mama?”

Two minutes later, our friend across the street texted Lisa: “What did that bird have in its mouth? Something red? You hit it? Then the crow swooped in? Sorry she witnessed that.”

Damn, a witness!

Good morning, folks. Carry on.

Nothing to see here, nothing at all.

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Pull with All Your Strength & Might

Just an aside, but:

This was my wife, Lisa,

Sunday afternoon.

I was glad for my daughter

to see it.

Lisa is great &, over the years, we’ve saved a lot

on towing costs.

Carry on!


Why You Should Always Check Your Children’s Homework

Snow Day today! I have to take off work, since Lisa is studying furiously for some kind of gigantic test — she’s about to become a certified nurse midwife with a job at highly-regarded Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, and this is her final hurdle. Lisa took her first nursing class (you must first have a nursing degree in order to become a midwife) when Gavin, age 9, was three months old. She’s like that turtle that wins the race, and finally she’s about to cross the finish line. It has been a long haul and I’m so proud of her. Amazing woman.

As a result, I’ve got Gavin and Mags today. Not sure what the weather will allow us to do. It could devolve into the dreaded “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” movie. But hopefully we’ll tramp around in the snow with Daisy, maybe some sledding, absolutely some hot chocolate, and of course I’ll have to haul out the manly snow plow!

In any event, an educator friend sent this along yesterday. Regardless of its (dubious?) veracity, it was too good not to share. Plus it fits into today’s snow shoveling theme.

It turns out that mommy isn’t a pole dancer. She works at Home Depot where she often sells snow shovels!