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This Week’s Greatest Thing Ever: Giant Dog Photos!




There’s something fetching about a giant dog, isn’t there?

Many of us still remember Clifford the Big Red Dog, and the wonder of that so-simple idea: a really, really big dog.



Well, this guy has the same issues.



Except his dog is a goldendoodle, like ours here at Chez Preller, the lovely Daisy. They are, I think, a goofy but lovable breed. And so fun to look at.


It is possible, however, that the photographer here, Christopher Cline, is just having a blast with Photoshop. I’m saying: This might not be a real dog! Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, folks. But in this case, well, wouldn’t it be awesome? In 1817, the poet Samuel Coleridge first wrote about the “willing suspension of disbelief,” and I think that’s where I’m going to live for a while longer. Marveling at this amazing dog. Believing. I think Norman Bridwell would approve. To read more about Chris and his photos, click here.

This Week’s Greatest Thing Ever: Brush the Cat’s Teeth!


Thank you, interwebs! And hat tip to my pal, the brilliant Jen Sattler, who tirelessly hunts this stuff down to bring it to the attention-deficit masses.

As it happens, tooth-brushing has figured large in my ouvre.

There’s this, from Wake Me In Spring:

Illustration by Jeffrey Scherer.

Illustration by Jeffrey Scherer.


And this, from A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade:

Illustration by Greg Ruth.

Illustration by Greg Ruth.


Yikes, I feel a trilogy coming on.

So, yes, obviously, I have some dental issues. Carry on!

This Week’s Greatest Thing Ever: Rules for My Unborn Son

Just discovered this blogand this book! — and I really like it. Surprisingly, it’s not all snark and wisecracks; most of the advice is almost traditional, but with a modern sensibility. There’s wit here, certainly, but heart also.

A few of my recent favorites (and I’ve only read about a 1/4 of the 400-plus rules so far):

409. A handshake beats an autograph.

405. No one wants to watch you practice the guitar.

401. You can do your homework after you finish playing outside.

400. In pickup hoops, let someone else call the fouls.

397. Don’t jog shirtless.

394. Try to lose the adverbs. Seriously.

9. Stand up for the little guy.

Great stuff, enjoy. And yes, I’m eyeballing that book as a Christmas present for a born son.

This Week’s Greatest Thing Ever: My Parents Were Awesome

I recommend that you head over to the My Parents Were Awesome blog. There’s something poignant about this site’s collection of photos, shots of parents submitted by their children. The photographs offer a wide variety of people and poses — humorous, goofy, tender, real — but there’s genuine affection (and some awe) in every one.

The photos run without captions, other than identifying first names. Below you’ll find some of my favorites, but I encourage you to visit the site itself. It’s about the power of accumulated images, scrolling through a great many, rather than any single “great” shot:

Kind of makes you think of Mom and Dad, doesn’t it?

For more background info, you could watch this clip:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

This Week’s Greatest Thing Ever: Laser School Photos

I found this site the other day, We Have Lasers!!!!!!!!!! (yes, ten exclamation points), which holds some of the same appeal found at Awkwardfamilyphotos.com.

There’s not a lot to say. The host of the site runs a line that reads: “You begged your mom to pay the extra $4. A tribute to the greatest school photo backdrop there ever was.”

Here’s some sample shots, sans captions, and you’ll get the idea . . .