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FAN MAIL WEDNESDAY #254: In Which I Sign a Book as a Birthday Gift for Dad


Welcome to Fan Mail Wednesday! We’re starting back up after taking it slow over the summer. Nobody reads blogs over the summer. I mean to say, nobody reads blogs, ever. But I persist because I am happy to do it and, hey, somebody might! You’re here, aren’t you?

Right? I mean: Somebody’s here. Hellllllooooo???

Anyway: Here’s a lovely exchange I had with Kayla, an old fan who is searching for the perfect gift . . . for her dear old dad. 


Hi Mr. Preller!

My name is Kayla, and I am from Bloomington, Minnesota. Growing up, my dad and I read your Jigsaw Jones stories every night. Your stories were a huge part of my childhood through elementary school, I collected all of the stories, and they were lined up on my shelf in number order, my most prized possessions. Now I am 19 years old, and I can’t WAIT to bring my collection of all the Jigsaw mysteries to my future classroom with me!
I am emailing you specifically to ask about a signed copy of one of your books. My dad and I have some wonderful memories reading Jigsaw together, and I would love to be able to give him an autographed copy of one of the stories for his birthday. I was wondering where I could send my book/stamp to, and how much it would cost for you to sign it.
Thank you so, so much for your time! I hope to hear back from you soon.
I replied:
Thanks for your sweet note.
There’s actually a new book out and I’d love to send you a signed copy, my treat. Just give me your address and your father’s name. I’m not awesome at going to the Post Office, but I’ll do my best.


And Kayla answered:

That would be absolutely incredible!

5101AF-k+oL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_My dad’s name is Bob. If you would be so kind, would you address the mail to my name, as I don’t want him to open it until his birthday:) And my address is ____________, Bloomington MN, 55438
Thank you SO much! My dad is going to be so excited!

Teachers, Librarians: Free Signed Book & Poster Offer



Glad to see this poster taped to the door of my local bookstore, “I LOVE BOOKS” in Delmar, NY.

As it turns out, I’ve got some spare posters in my possession, plus copies of the new books.

I’ll be happy to mail out a signed book/poster combo to the first ten teachers, librarians who would be willing to share them with your students.

Just write to me at: jamespreller@aol.com and type FREE BOOK in the subject heading. I’ll need an address.

If I’ve ever visited your school, I’d be especially happy to send this along as a “thank you.” And if I haven’t, hey, let’s make it happen!




“Happy Book Birthday to Me!”



I am so grateful to share my good news. Today you can buy all five of these Jigsaw Jones books in your friendly neighborhood bookstore. These books have been impossible to get for a number of years. I’ve received many queries from teachers, parents, and librarians and I’ve always had to turn them away.

Yet despite this, Jigsaw has held on in popularity thanks to school librarians and teachers who have kept old, tattered copies in their classroom collections.

Now they exist again: revised, updated, reformatted. Hopefully a new generation of young readers can discover the books for themselves.

I can’t wait to visit schools this coming year, free to talk about these books that are so dear to my heart.

Publishing note: The Case from Outer Space is all new, and available in both hardcover and paperback. Four additional titles will be released in November, making for nine in all. There are plenty more where that come from!

All from Macmillan!




Cover, Back Cover of Possibly My Favorite “Jigsaw Jones” Title

A funny thing about the newly re-published Jigsaw Jones books: I kind of like the back covers best of all. It’s nice to see all the new covers ganged up together. That great feeling of: there, we did it.

Buried Treasure_Back Cover (1)-A funny thing about the newly re-published Jigsaw Jones books: I kind of like the back covers best of all.A funny thing about the newly re-published Jigsaw

I mean compared to the front covers. (I still like the insides, the black squiggles between the covers, the stuff I did.)

I’m sometimes asked about my favorite Jigsaw Jones book. I don’t have a firm answer, but this title would definitely be in the running. Each book is different. In this one, I like how the mystery unfolds as a chain of mini-mysteries to solve, sort of a “Da Vinci Code” for grades 1-3, and I’m happy with the ending, always glad when there’s a sweet moment at the conclusion, some kind of heart that lifts the story up to a better place. To me, that’s when I’m happiest with a book. I often aspire to that pang at the end. And, okay, this book also includes a few sly references to the New York Mets.

This book is due out in November, I’m almost positive.

Buried Treasure

Notoriously Tough Critic Raves about New “Jigsaw Jones” Book

She’s 91 years old.

She’s tough as nails.

Mom’s motto: “Getting old is not for sissies.”

And she loved my new book, The Case from Outer Space, coming August 8th.



















Maybe I’ve been writing for the wrong demographic all along. Why write for young people at all? Picture books for preschoolers? Novels for tweens? YA?

Forget all that. I’m going after the untapped nonagenarian market!

Thanks, Mom.