And Now There Are Three

My agent — who prefers not to be identified — in fact, she has asked me never to call her again — or even wave to her in public — says that “three is the magic number.”

There may be something to it. The third book makes this feel like an actual series, instead of two books that sort of look alike. You can begin to see what’s going on.

Confession: The number I’ve been stuck on, and this makes no logical sense, it’s just a number I latched on to from the outset, is twenty. I felt like I needed at least 20 books to establish what I am trying to achieve here. I want variety and the range, different genre under the large “scary/creepy/strange” umbrella. I want the books to be different, but they must also hang together as a family.

Anyway, today’s post has been brought to you by the number 3. I took this photo with my phone in the kitchen today, while talking to my 9th grader about his fantasy football team. It’s how we roll.

If you want to purchase any of these books, I want to say . . . thank you. Seriously, thanks. I really believe that kids will enjoy them. Not like my other books!

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