Inside Scoop: Book Covers, Along Came Spider

On Sunday night I began to write a post about my new “Jigsaw Jones” cover, but didn’t have all the info I needed to make it happen. So, instead, let’s just dub this COVER WEEK and begin here:

A while back, in May, I tried to discuss some cover changes that Scholastic went through for my book, Along Came Spider. Unfortunately, at the time I was less than adept at some technical aspects of blogging. So it failed miserably. But today I can show you the two covers, rejected and final, in one place. Please click the link above if you wish to read more background discussion.

Note that the “rejected cover” was the real cover until very late in the process. It was used in promotions, put into catalogs, everybody had signed off. Then, at the last minute, and practically overnight, it was completely redone with an entirely new direction.

The original (rejected) cover:

The final version:

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