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Doodle in Obama’s White House Gains Momentum, Becomes Movement, Receives Both Praise and Scorn!

Real quickly:

In helping my dog, Daisy, with her research for the “Open Letter to President-Elect Obama,” I found a good website dedicated to Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. Well-organized, well-written, informative. So I sent along a quick hello and received this lovely reply:

Hi James,

The Goldendoodle Website is a site that I put together so that Dood owners could share their dogs and stories. It’s nice to meet you.

It’s an absolute pleasure sharing the link to your Dood’s blog. As I was reading through it the first time, it really seemed too well written to be an ordinary blog. Once finished, I looked at the rest of your site. No wonder it’s so well done! I read your Jigsaw Jones books to my kids when they were younger. We used to get them through Scholastic at the kids’ school. I’ll bet you’ve touched many lives.

Thank you for sending me the link to the blog. It’s a joy adding it to the site. I hope the Obama kids get their Dood!

Nice, right? Clearly, the Doodle Movement has taken on new momentum. It is now a political force in its own right! Unstoppable! Without mercy! Print up the t-shirts! Make up the slogans! We’re going to the dogs!

That said, be sure to read the comments section in the original “Open Letter” entry. Some folks are angry. It seems my dog, Daisy, has raised some hackles. Yipes! I should have never taught her how to type. But I was looking for editorial help at the time, and she worked for scraps . . .