Fan Mail #160: The Wrong Guy

Here’s something a little different . . .

I replied:

Dear Trenton,

I am always happy to hear from a young reader who loves books. Any books. It was kind of you to write. However, I think there may be some kind of mix-up. Though I am James Preller — all day, everyday! — I did not write the book, Homework Hassles, which is part of the “Ready Freddy” series by Abby Klein.

I wonder if you meant to write to Ms. Klein? And maybe you think that her books are “the coolest books ever made.”

If so, I bet she’d love to hear that.

By the way, if you are looking for some candidates for the second-coolest books ever made, you might enjoy checking out my “Jigsaw Jones” mystery series.

My best, and keep on reading!

James Preller

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