Celebrating Three Years of Bloggy Goodness

I’m heading off to deepest, darkest Pennsylvania for a full week’s worth of school visits, five days in a row of me-me-me, so this site will be a Dead Zone for a while. Go ahead and make plans now: spend time with the kids, take up a new hobby, read a book for heaven’s sake.

But first, a moment to mark three blessed years of blogging.

A quick glance at my stats shows that you can basically take the sum total of traffic from the first two years and double it. By May 2010, I had totaled 60,763 visits, 133,425 pageviews, and 43,442 “unique” visitors. But now in May 2011, those numbers are 126,525 visits, 249,072 pageviews, and 98,078 unique visitors. (Nevermind that most of those folks probably landed here by accident and clicked away in horror.)

Over that three-year period, I’ve made 625 posts for a crazy average of 208 per year — each one high-quality, each one providing maximum entertainment for your dollar. I don’t have any further reflections today, since I addressed this recently in my 600th blog post, “The Writing Life.” I’m grateful that you are here. All any writer wants is to be read. But like I said before, I’d probably write it anyway.

This chart shows my monthly visitor totals for the past three years. Obviously, at this pace, I will be ruling the internet within the next 500 years or so. Just need to keep watching my weight and eating right.

Thanks, truly.

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