My Family, Getting Their Bronze On

Lisa sent along this snap from Florida — while I stayed home in the cold, damp, gray Northeast to work. No, no skin cancer for me! I’ve neatly avoided that trap by working in a windowless basement. Clever, eh? Lisa knew this photo would make me smile. Left to right: Gavin (11) reading The Notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin, which I purchased for him based on reviews like this; Nick (17) reading And Here’s the Kicker: 21 Conversations with Humor Writers on Their Craft by Mike Sacks, a book which I thoroughly enjoyed and passed along; and Maggie (10) reading Nature Girl by debut novelist Jane Kelley.

Don’t you just love debut novelists? The thrill of that first book, a dream come true, and so much promise of what’s yet to come. Good luck, Jane, whoever you are!

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  1. Liz S says:

    Wish I was there, doing exactly that — reading and relaxing. Looks heavenly… Seriously, this photo warms an editor’s heart.

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