Music Video Weekend: Red House Painters, “Have You Forgotten?”

“When we were kids, we hated things our parents did.”

Or this:

“Have you forgotten how to love yourself”


Obviously, I love Youtube. One of the reasons is for the creativity that abounds there, so much from unknown places, ordinary people — not celebrities that we’ve been spoon-fed — who decide, simply, to make something. And then dare to put it out there. Thank God for people like that.

In this case, somebody picks a song, grab a camera, a couple of friends, and works some understated magic.

In our early days as a couple, my wife Lisa and I played this song a lot. The band is the Red House Painters, a group out of San Francisco led by singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek. A few years back, Kozelek started a new band, Sun Kil Moon, largely as a way to revive interest in his music, which had not met much commercial success. In every meaningful way, Sun Kil Moon is an extension of Red House Painters. Their disk, “Ghosts on the Great Highway,” is his great triumph. Highly recommended.

And for my money, Kozelek has one of the best voices in music today — haunting, atmospheric, full of melancholy. I’ve heard that some folks find Kozelek’s work depressing, too sad. I never know what those people are talking about.

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