Fan Mail Wednesday #29 (Thursday Edition)

BOO-YA, HUZZA-HUZZA-HUZZA! It’s Fan Mail Wednesday, a day late for sure, but still unstoppable, perpetual, interminable . . .

Dear Mr. Preller,

My name is Meredith and I am in second grade.  I am writing to you to let you know just how much I enjoy reading your books.

I like reading your books because I enjoy mysteries, and these are great mysteries for me to read.  I have read 23 of your books since December 13, that was the day that I took The Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster out of my school library.  Out of all of the books I have read so far, my favorite has been The Case of the Golden Key.  This is my favorite because the setting was very interesting to me, and it was fun to figure out everything in the house.

Thank you for writing such fun books to read.  I will keep reading them as long as you keep writing them.

An Avid Reader,
Age 7

PS. This is my Daddy’s email.  I told him what to write,  and he typed this message for me.

Here’s my reply:

Dear Meredith.

Thanks for your lovely letter. As you may know, I have a daughter, Maggie, who is also in the second grade. However, I don’t think she’s read 23 of my books! (Note to Self: Punish Maggie.) Lately she’s been devouring Patricia Reilly Giff’s fabulous “Polk Street” books; if you don’t know them, I recommend you check them out (after, it goes without saying, you read EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WRITTEN).

Wow, twenty-three books. That’s amazing, especially since you started on December 13th. Do you do anything else besides reading? I mean, like, do you eat . . . sleep . . . take baths? I’m a little worried about you.

Like you, I am especially fond of The Case of the Golden Key. I think it’s one of the better books in the series. That’s the first time I introduced the character, Reginald Pinkerton Armitage III, the richest kid in town. I’ve put  Reginald in several more books since, because I like writing about him so much; he’s featured in The Case of the Double-Trouble Detectives. (I love the cover that R.W. Alley did for this one.)

Thanks for your letter — and thank you, Dad, for all the typing!

An Avid Reader Too,
James Preller

P.S. Meridith, I wish your dad was my dad. I had to type this whole thing myself. So unfair! Rats and snails!

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