New York Public Library Top 100 of 2008

Each year, the Office of Children’s Services of The New York Public Library announces its list of “100 Titles for Reading and Sharing.”

Why do we care about that?

Because I just got a phone call from Liz Szabla, my editor at Feiwel & Friends, telling me that Six Innings: A Game In the Life was named to the Children’s Books 2008 list, along with one other F & F title, Brooklyn Bridge by Newbery Medal-winning author, Karen Hesse. As Liz said to me, “You should be thrilled. That’s a list of one hundred titles, out of the, like, five-gazillion books that are published each year.”

Who can argue with that kind of math?

The full 2008 list is not yet available. For a gander at the 2007 list, click here.

And to see a way cool video of Karen speaking with Jean Feiwel about Brooklyn Bridge, start clicking like a wild person right . . . here.


  1. Nan Hoekstra says:

    Six Innings: A Game In the Life would be on the list if it was only 10 titles….yes, it is that good!

  2. Liz Szabla says:

    Congratulations, again, JP — well- and much-deserved!

  3. Hi Jimmy
    Congratulations! Awesome news. And thanks for the video shout out.

  4. Michael Geus says:

    Great to see this wonderful book get the recognition it deserves.

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