From the summer of 2007, the coast of Maine: Maggie, Gavin, and Nick.

Summer of 2007, the coast of Maine: Maggie, Gavin, and Nick.

This is a nice picture of Lisa, my wife. I don’t really like messing with the camera, so there aren’t many shots of Lisa. You may notice that this was in my Great Shaving Period, circa 2006 or so.

This is Maggie, around the time she was electrocuted. Look at that hair!

A sweet one of Maggie and Lisa during a camping trip.

Our dog, Daisy. She drives!

Our dog, Daisy. Yes, she drives.

I always say the same thing, “If you can’t brainwash your children, what kind of parent are you?” Gavin, like Nick, has grown up to become a baseball-loving Mets fan. Go figure.

I accidentally hit a button and discovered this Photo Booth program on my computer. It’s a great way to waste time take pictures, with all sorts of gonzo features.

This is Maggie, October ’08, also using Photo Booth. This effect is called “colored pencil.”

Gavin and his electric guitar, playing “Sweet Home, Alabama.”

Here’s Nick, getting older by the minute. October, 2008, sophomore year.

A snowy winter in 2008-09, just the way we like ‘em!

Gavin, the Tunnel King.

Daisy loves the snow.

My First Communion, second grade.

Fifth-grade Confirmation, when I imaginatively took the name . . . John.


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