PODCAST: I Was the Special Guest on the “Get Lit” Podcast. Come Listen as We Talk About Books & Writing & Other Difficulties

Celebrating Children’s Literature with James Preller


Yes, as the headline states, I was the special guest on Stephanie Affinito’s book-centric “Get Lit” podcast. We recorded it last week and had a pretty wide-ranging conversation. If you happen to be interested in far, far too much Jimmy, stomp the link — scroll a tiny bit, and listen to us talk books, and Exit 13, and writing, along with various other topics. Thank you, Stephanie Affinito, for inviting me to celebrate children’s literature with you!

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  1. Robin+Pulver says:

    This was incredibly wonderful. Forwarded to writing buddies.
    So relatable! (I had a labradoodle too and have always worshipped trees😀
    Time to order more books.

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