Fan Mail Wednesday #250: The Book Is Now a T-Shirt!

First, look at this face.
Can an author say “no” to a face like this?
I would juggle live fire if this young girl asked me to do it.
(Um, hoping she won’t ask. Please, Aubrielle, don’t ask me to juggle live fire!)
aubs and her doll
Anyway, a letter too sweet not to share . . . and it came with photos. Also, hey now, the 250th Fan Mail Wednesday. So grateful for these kind letters!
Dear Mr. Preller,
t shirt My grand-daughter Aubrielle is 5 years old and is in Kindergarten at ________.   She LOVES to read . . . and the other day she came home all excited because she was told that you would be coming to visit school on the 16th of May.  I didn’t know many of the details . . . but I sent a note to the librarian and was also happy to hear of your upcoming visit to our area.  One of Aubrielle’s favorite books is “Wake me in Spring” . . . and she decided to do a special t-shirt to honor your visit. We brought it to school today and they have it on display in the Library which made her feel so proud.  We are hoping when you come that maybe you could sign it for her….and I could take a photo of you and her together.  I am enclosing a photo of Aubrielle and the t-shirt. Looking so forward to meeting you. Have a great day!!!
Carol and Aubrielle
I replied:


That’s so sweet, thank you for sharing those pictures. Of course I’d be happy and honored to sign the shirt and take a photo with Aubrielle.
Could I share these photos on my blog? If yes, I would not identify Aubrielle’s school nor include her last name. I just sometimes like to share details from school visits without violating anyone’s privacy. That said, I understand if you prefer to keep this between us. It’s all good.
My best,
James Preller


  1. Emily Richards says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’m the librarian at Aubrielle’s school and we are so excited for you to visit next week. I will make sure you are able to connect with Aubrielle!

  2. Carol Macdonald says:

    Aubrielle was absolutely thrilled with meeting you, as were all the other children at Davis Elementary. What an honor!!! You went above and beyond in not only your presentation of just a few of the books you have already published, but seeing the way you were able to capture AND hold the full attention of the children, and watching them hang on to your every word, was a testimonial to what kind of person/author/family man you must really be….!! Way to go Mr. Preller!!!!

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