One Nice Thing About Being an Author . . . Deserves Another

There are so many great things about being an author. What a life, truly. Blessed, blessed, blessed.

I first published in 1986, and I’ve been involved in a lot of books over those years. Some of them good ones, too! One thing that I never get tired of — or, I hope, never fail to appreciate — is the day when that big box of author copies arrives in the mail.

Oh, goodie!

I’ve seen a couple of advance copies, held them, leafed through the pages. But a box of books is a wonderful thing. A stack! My kingdom for more shelves!

I’ll mail a signed copy to the first five people who email me at: Please put “Good Night, Zombie” in the subject heading. You’ll need to include your mailing address and, if you wish, a name to whom I can inscribe it. Not the worst holiday gift in the world, though my preference when it comes to book-giving is to pick a random Tuesday, so the book doesn’t have to compete with the Xbox or new socks or whatever.

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