Fan Mail Wednesday #136: Happy Dance

Here’s one I got from a second-grader — Lauren in Kentucky — via the miracle of the interwebs!

Dear Mr. James Preller:

How are you today? This year I’ve been reading

your Jigsaw Jones Mystery books and I think

you have been doing a great job on them because

I like Mysteries!

Your fan, Lauren

I replied:

Dear Lauren,

I’m fine today, how are you?

Actually, I’m terrific. Things are really good these days, my three kids are healthy and thriving, my wife is great, I’m writing well, exercising, and I’m happy.

Have you ever seen Carlton’s happy dance? This is me, inside . . .

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I’m glad you’ve been reading my books, and relieved (whew!) to hear that you think I’ve been doing a great job. It means a lot to me.

My best,


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  1. Lindsey says:

    Dr. Mr. Preller

    I am in 2nd grade in Murray, Utah and I just started reading your Jigsaw Jones books. I like how you include secret codes and explain how they work. I like the way you teach other things while the mystery is being solved. What is your favorite Jigsaw book and why?

    Thanks for making reading interesting and fun!

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