My Kid at College: A Two-Week Retrospective

Nick has been away at college in Geneseo for a couple of weeks now. We’re adjusting to his absence, trying to figure out the dynamics of this new relationship. As evidenced by this morning’s text about the Jet game:

JP @ 8:52: “Great game.”

Nick @ 9:02: “So good.”

And that’s probably that for today. It’s something, I guess.

Anyway, my wife’s been on call all weekend, birthing babies, so I’ve been taking care of Gavin & Maggie in my usual shoddy manner. After getting them off to school this morning, I stopped in the basement to put on a load of laundry. The cats were down there too, enquiring about food.

Then it hit me:

When your kid goes away to college, it’s like having one of your cats die. After a couple of weeks, you realize that there’s less food to buy, less crap to pick up. But on the whole, you’d still rather have the cat.

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  1. Right there with you. I want both of my cats back.

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