Maggie’s iPod Cake & Photos to Prove It!

Ten years ago today our youngest child, Maggie, was born in our bedroom at home. It was a cold, wet, blustery night and Lisa labored long and hard with two midwives at her side.

Today it’s a living wonder, how this . . .

led to this . . .

led to this . . .

led to this . . .

and now this . . .

Around our house, Maggie somehow acquired that idea that birthdays are a big deal.

A really big deal.

The other day I shared Maggie’s request for breakfast. And so Mom made it happen, with a small bit of grudging help from me . . .

Not too far off from the artist’s original rendering . . .

Maggie ate it up, happily, beaming, humming to herself.

Then there was the problem of the cake. Last week Maggie announced that she wanted Lisa to make a homemade birthday cake, and added, “I want an iPod cake for my birthday!”

An iPod cake? Lisa and I exchanged worried glances. A . . . what!? Where did that come from?

Undaunted, Maggie’s mom dug around, discovered this recipe and stayed up past 1:00 AM last night to bake and decorate this cake.

Mothers, you know, are just crazy about their kids. She’s a lucky girl. But I have to believe she’s not nearly as lucky as her parents.


  1. Kurtis says:

    That pancake is a thing of beauty. Happy birthday, Maggie!

  2. Maria says:

    I love this blog-makes me smile and remember all the homemade cakes we made for our own children. My 18 year old still wanted mom to make his cake this year. Happy Birthday Maggie!

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