Thoughts on Blogging . . . and Maggie’s Birthday Breakfast

I often tell myself, “I’m not going to blog for those creeps anymore!” But each day I find something that I want to say, or share, and return to this outlet. Obviously, I’m blogging for me as much as for you, and very possibly moreso.

Sure, it’s a drag that no one ever seems to comment. It can too often feel like talking in an empty room. But, hey, that’s the writing life. And besides, you’re here! (And I don’t really think you’re a creep.)

People have asked if it takes away from my “real” writing. I don’t believe it does. I may spend too much time on the blog some days, but at least I’m writing and thinking and entertaining myself. I love the archival aspect of the blog, too. It’s all here, neatly saved and organized. A document, a record. Another plus, this blog has been a vehicle for new, unexpected friendships. Crazy as this sounds, I’ve made a few real friendships out of this thing.

So if, Dear Reader, you’ve ever considered starting up your own blog, I recommend it.

The point is, today I had to share this:

Maggie turns ten on Friday, so she can have whatever she’d like for breakfast. When Lisa asked that question last night, Maggie smiled and said, “Let me draw you a picture!”

She hunched over for a few minutes, working with determination, and then explained the picture to Lisa, the banana cut in half for the mouth with chocolate chips on top, the pancake and whipped cream, a cheery for the nose, slices of strawberry on the edges, etc.

After two boys, I’m always grateful that I was blessed with a daughter, now soon to be ten years old.

My Maggie. Amazing.

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