Link Dump: Gift Ideas, Cosmic Knitting, Video Poems, Cool Books, Thoughts on Classroom Seating, and a Short Video That Will Make You Smile

* So nice to find one of my books mentioned in this way, and in this context. “The Gift of Reading,” by Charlie McCollum.

* Children’s author Alexandra Siy scribes a nifty piece for Geek Mom: “Thinking Is Cosmic Knitting:” How Making Mittens Helps Kids Learn. I have to share the awesome photo.

* This is a first. Somebody called me “renowned.” I would have gladly settled for affable. Or sinewy!

* Here’s a long article on the negative impact on the book industry by internet behemoth, Amazon. Worth a skim.

* I just ordered this book. It sounds wonderful. I want to talk to this guy.

* A way cool gift for the guitarist in your house.

* I think students would enjoy, and learn from, and maybe be inspired by this three-minute video poem, “Words.”

* A great idea for holiday gift-giving, if I don’t say so myself. Thank you, Mary Ann Scheuer for the kind review of Six Innings.

* For a baseball lover of a certain age, say around the half-century mark, I can recommend this book. This was from my formative, memorizing-every-statistic era.

* Teachers: What does it tell us about where students sit in the classroom? Some thoughts about seat “patterning.”

* I’ll admit it, even if it does make me look like a tool: At first, I was disappointed that A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade didn’t make this list of Children’s Books 2010100 Titles for Reading and Sharing. Two starred reviews, a glowing Wall Street Journal review, uproarious read-alouds in every school I’ve visited, and spectacular illustrations by Greg Ruth. But now, after chilling out for 24 hours? I’m still disappointed. Nonetheless: a great source for recommended reading, even if perhaps they might have (maybe) missed one. Arrrr.

* One minute and twenty seconds . . . and guaranteed to make you smile. I’d make that deal any day:

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