Photo Dump: Scarecrow Edition

Just a quick share: a couple of years back I posted about the Preller Halloween tradition of building a scarecrow out on the front lawn. My father did it, now I do it. I have a photo from the late ’50s, before even I was born, and the scarecrow is virtually the same. We’re like artisans passing down the skill through the generations.

I want you to know that the tradition still lives, though this year I wanted to try something new: a burlap bag instead of a pumpkin. Craziness, I know. Turned out couldn’t locate a burlap bag, so went with a pillow case.

What do you think?

At the last minute, we decided to go with a little gore/red marker.

My lovely assistant grew about five inches this year . . . and turns ten soon!

Good old Maggie, she’s still up for quality time with Dad. How many more Halloweens have we got?

Okay, maybe I’ve still got a few issues to work out.

And about that old scarecrow . . .

Here’s proof — a scarecrow in front of my old house at 1720 Adelphi Road, Wantagh, NY. That looks like my brother John, front and center. I don’t know who or what exactly is standing next to him, masked and in white fringe. I’m hoping it’s not a relative.


  1. Debbie Foley says:

    Way cool jim keep up those traditions.

  2. Debbie Foley says:

    Way cool those great memories of our childhood days ..

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