Fan Mail Wednesday #97

Let’s take a quick break from Revision Week to answer the mail.

But first, don’t you just love high-speed photography of water balloons? Doesn’t everybody?

To see more photos, and to read about how photographer Edward Horsford does it — alone, in his garden, at night — click here.

Now to the mail!

Dear Mr. Preller,
My students, Bianca and Thomas, really like your Jigsaw Jones books.  We decided to research you on the internet and found your blog.  We read several things you wrote, but the thing we found most interesting was the possibility of getting a signed bookplate so that we could put them inside our Jigsaw Jones books.
We know we need to send you a self addressed, stamped envelope; however, we cannot find your address on your blog.  Would you be able to e-mail us your address?  Thank you!
We look forward to hearing from you.
I replied with my address:
12 Brookside Drive
Delmar, NY 12054
Then I thought about it a little more, and quickly wrote back:
I must have been in a hurry this morning. Because I realized that I sent you a quick, informal response . . . and totally neglected to say anything to Bianca and Thomas.

I’m sorry about that.

So . . . Bianca, Thomas:

Thanks so much for reading my books, and caring enough to actually want my autograph. I’m afraid it will disappoint you, since penmanship is not my strong suit. I have a sloppy lefty scrawl that’s pretty awful.

Keep on reading books, any books, even mine. Books have brought such happiness to my life — I’ve learned so much, felt so much — that it makes me smile to think of you reading something that I wrote. And who knows, maybe somewhere down the line I’ll read something of yours.

My best,


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