Overheard: “I don’t OBSERVE the game, Dad. I watch it. Like normal people.”

Those words were spoken by my hormonal son, Gavin, age 11. With any luck, he’ll reach 12.  We went to a playoff soccer game together, watched in silence for most of it. Every once in a while I’d say something, make some sorry stab at conversation. His response was limited, bordering on mute. I finally ventured something like, “You’ve been quiet. Do you have any observations? Anything?”

You already know his response.

Sigh. I’m learning how not to react. And some days, failing miserably.


  1. Paul says:

    Just wait till #3 goes through it. You will be wishing it was only Gavin going through it.
    PS – it might be your hormones flaring up as well….

  2. This is the most fun part of being a parent. It’s absolutely hilarious how easily embarrassed kids are during the teen years by things that have no actual importance. Like dumb stuff you wear, or the fact that you wave at them and call their name during sports practice. I suggest you have fun with it. I know I did.

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