Adam Sandler was spotted at Santa Monica Beach today dressed as a Greek soldier while filming a scene for his upcoming movie “Bedtime Stories.” He was shooting with his young blonde co-star Teresa Palmer who, at first glance, is a spitting image of young starlet Hayden Panettiere. The two seemed to be having a good time as they strolled down the beach in character and acted out him protecting her from another character played by a very large man to put it delicately. However, Sandler seemed a bit tired as the day wore on and more takes were shot because he couldn’t seem to stop yawning.

Mandatory Byline: ODuran/ Fame Pcitures

03/12/2008 — Adam Sandler, Teresa Palmer — (C) 2008 Fame Pictures, Inc. – Santa Monica, CA, U.S.A – 310-395-0500 / Sales: 310-395-0500

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