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Entenmann’s & Dad: Part 2, from memory to realistic fiction

April 28th, 2010 Posted in Family, Jigsaw Jones, the writing process

In a previous post, I wrote about memories of my father, specifically the kinds of food he used to buy when grocery shopping.

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Now let’s see how that family memory — from memory to memoir to creative fiction — played out in Jigsaw Jones #28: The Case of the Food Fight.

Note: Growing up, we always had to help our father bring in the packages. It was one of the few rules I can remember. This scene, from chapter 1, picks up at that point. The Jones boys, Daniel, Nick, and Jigsaw, hauling in the shopping bags. I’ll let Jigsaw pull the thread from here . . .

My mom buys healthy things, food that is good for us. If that sounds boring, you should try eating it. But sometimes my dad shops. He buys stuff that my mother would never touch.

Dad, you see, has a sweet tooth.

A big one.

We might not have liked carrying the heavy bags, but we liked checking out all the tasty treats.

“Wow,” Nick said. “This cereal is totally awesome. It’s mini chocolate chip cookies . . .”

“. . . that are frosted with sugar!” Daniel exclaimed.

“And they come with rainbow-colored marshmallows!” I cheered.

“Hey, look at this,” Daniel gushed. “A whole bag of Snickers bars!”

“That stuff’s expensive,” my father said. “So take it easy, boys. Prices are going through the roof.”

“Sure, Dad, whatever,” Nick said. “Now let’s chow down on some of this junk food before Mom gets back from her trip.”


  1. 2 Responses to “Entenmann’s & Dad: Part 2, from memory to realistic fiction”

  2. By Mary Szczech on Apr 28, 2010

    Ok… first of all, your dad sounds just like my dad, but mine was all about the ice cream and candy bars. My mom didn’t drive either, so dad did some of the shopping, and when he did we all thought we had hit the jackpot! Thanks for demonstrating how you incorporate your cherished memories into your books. My dad’s been gone 3 years, and I miss him now more than ever!

  3. By Tori on Apr 29, 2010

    Reminds me of Bill Cosby’s story - Dad is great! Chocolate cake for breakfast!!

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