Fan Mail Wednesday #73

Here’s a quick one . . .

Dear James Preller,
My name is Justin W. and this is my friend Dan S. We are sixth grade boys and we would like to compliment you on your book Six Innings. We  read it for book club and thought it was great. Nando Sanchez was our favorite character. He was so funny. Like the part where his teammates describe him as the outfielder that ate waffles on the bench and in the field. Thanks for making my book club exciting instead of boring like last year. If you could please send two autographs to: Justin W. and Daniel S. at 791 Eisenhower Avenue Bridgewater New Jersey 08807. Also, my friends Joe and Alex would like to say hi (but they don’t need any autographs) Thanks so much!!

From your biggest fans,
Justin and Daniel

I replied:

Justin and Daniel,

Thanks for the compliment; I strive to write books that are not boring. And I really do appreciate it when anyone picks up and actually reads one of my books. I’ve sent along the autographs via snail mail. I have no idea what you’ll do with them. Just don’t let me find ’em on eBay, where I’m sure they’d go for 25 cents a pop. Easy.

Actually, I’m always baffled by anyone who wants my autograph — a firm handshake is so much better. Since in our situation that would be difficult (I’m not Reed Richards), hey, I’ve complied with your request.

As far as Joe and Alex go, tell those guys I don’t want their autographs either! So there.

Thanks, have a great 2010.


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