Does an Author Have Any Say on a Book Cover?

People frequently ask me, “Do you have any say over a book cover?”

Big question, and the answers vary depending upon the clout of the author and the disposition of the publisher.

Here’s the new paperback cover for Along Came Spider (May, 2010). And my answer to the question? In this example, for this book with Scholastic? No, no say at all.

And my new book with Scholastic, Justin Fisher Declares War! (Hardcover, August, 2010), a funny school-based story that concludes with a talent show:

Same thing. I did not have a voice in the process.

So I cross my fingers and hope the experts are right.


  1. niki says:

    Hi mr. Preller,
    I am right now reding your book called, Six Innings, and I was wondering What the R,H,and E on the back of your cover means.

    please respond as soon as you can,

    sincerely, niki

  2. jimmy says:


    R = Runs
    H = Hits
    E = Errors

    Those are the standard abbreviations found on every Major League scoreboard.

    Thanks for reading my book!


  3. niki says:

    Thank you mr. Preller for th information.


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