Fan Mail Wednesday #62 (Thursday Edition)

Let’s pause a moment before the thrilling conclusion of “The Never-Ending Lewis Buzbee Interview” to answer some fan mail. Watch now as I reach my hand into the large barrel and select . . . a pickle? Hold on, wrong barrel. Ah, here we are!

Dear Mr. Preller,

Thanks for meeting me and Flat Brownie at Children’s Book Day at Sunnyside. I had a lot of fun even though the weather was a little wet and Bunnicula creeped me out. I was glad to get a picture with you since I really enjoyed your visit last spring to my school, Minisink Valley. I am making a scrapbook of my Flat Brownie with all the children’s authors and illustrators I can. So far I have quite a few.

Keep up the good work, and if you run out of ideas, let me know. I’ve got a pretty good imagination.

Your Pal, Molly

P.S. Here’s the picture of us. I think we both look pretty good, don’t you?

I replied:


Great letter — you’re a very good writer. I’m a little jealous. When I was your age, I was drawing in mud with a stick. But I think our picture is nice! Though, um, what’s going on with my face? My smile looks lopsided!

I don’t have too much trouble getting ideas, my struggle is usually a matter of sitting down and putting in THE WORK. And for that, I’m afraid, there’s no one who can help me. In a sentence, I guess that’s the hard thing about writing. It’s all on you.

Hey, can I put up your photo — our photo — on my blog? Let me know!


P.S. I so agree about Bunnicula. People walking around dressed up as giant costumed book characters always gives me the jibberwillies — Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, Biscuit, very frightening!. Even worse, as a visiting author I get to go in the back room for refreshments. That’s where I’ll see some old bearded guy, red-faced, full of sweat, slumped in a chair, wearing a Clifford costume. On his lap, he’ll be resting Clifford’s enormous, vacant head. And here’s the thing: He’s miserable, this guy, wondering why in the world he took this job, dressed up like a giant red dog, wandering around the grounds, getting tackled around the knees by little kids. He’s thinking, “Eight bucks an hour just ain’t worth it.

Sort of loses the magic for me.


Molly’s mother wrote to me soon afterward, granting permission to use the photo. She added these charming details:

Molly is currently working on a series of books about a porcupine (named Porcupine) with a best friend who is a rat (named Sally). They like to have sleepovers and have a lot of snacks. Maybe one day she will be an author, too.

It would not surprise me in the least. I can’t wait to read Molly’s books!

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  1. Molly's Mom says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Molly was thrilled, and we are telling everyone we know to look at your website. If book sales jump, you know where to send our 15%.

    Keep up the good work, and remember to look for Porcupine and Sally at a bookstore near you!


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