SLMS Conference, Stuff, Things, and Song

Sorry, a hectic week. I’m running off to my daughter’s second-grade class this morning, while balancing a tray of bagels. All the kids are going to read poems!

Then I’m zipping up to Saratoga Springs for the 2009 SLMS Conference. Signing some books — hopefully somebody wants a book signed! — and attending the luncheon.

Because, you know, the food is always so good at these functions. When they hear it’s a group of librarians, the chefs really bring their “A” game.

I’ve got a long list of things I’d like to post here, but I’m struggling for time. Best of all: I’m really excited about Monday’s return of the critically-ignored “James Preller Interviews . . .” series. Don’t miss that.

And don’t miss this award-winning video from Keb Mo, “America the Beautiful.”

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