Hanging the Net

This weekend I got around to hanging the net.

Fortunately I had some help . . .

. . . but not much.

Have you figured it out yet?

Here’s another hint:

The view from inside the cage . . .

And from another angle.

That’s right . . . we’ve got a batting cage. How baseball-crazy is that? And no, it didn’t come with the house.


  1. Matt R says:

    Jimmy– if I’m ever in town, I’m so coming by for batting practice.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Wait, hold on, you mean you don’t have one in your NYC apartment? Come to think of it, my old Brooklyn “railroad” apartment had the same basic shape to it, except it was three bedrooms and a kitchen.

    Seriously: Love to have you over, Matt. Anytime!

  3. Matt Cordell says:

    Is that also a tennis court I see? Balance beam? What the heck’s going on back there?

  4. jimmy says:

    Yes, a balance beam for Maggie. Behind that is a swimming pool. Unfortunately, the live Siberian tigers, beside the authentic Mongolian yurt, were just out of camera range.

    I’m not a handy guy — but I know one! And he helped me install both the batting cage and balance beam.

    It’s weird only guys named Matt want to comment on this post.

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