Along Came . . . Another Blog from Ohio

Let’s face it, we can’t spend all day clicking links and reading blogs.

Right? We just can’t, much. Things to do and all that. But still, some folks make it hard. I just found a nice blog, curiously titled, Best Book I Have Not Read’s Weblog. It’s written by Kristine Something, a former fourth-grade teacher who now serves as a Curriculum Coordinator. Yes, another blogger from Ohio — who knew that Ohio was such a hotbed for book-crazed bloggers?

Kristine wrote about Along Came Spider yesterday, comparing it to Susan Patron’s The Higher Power of Lucky.

Kristine writes:

I think the fifth grade teachers are going to really enjoy sharing this book. Having this book as a shared reading experience will open windows to conversations about peer pressure and differences. I wish that the book had been around those first couple years I had a student similar to Spider, and struggled to find words to help nine year-olds accept/understand the differences in some of their classmates. Having a character in a book that can be discussed can really open conversation in an amazing way!

Thanks, Kristine. Honestly, that’s always been my hope with this book, that it would be a good “talking book” in an inclusive, community-minded classroom. For Kristine’s full comments, click here.

Meanwhile over at Literate Lives, Bill and Karen conclude their insane 28-day countdown to the Newbery. Bill somehow manages to squeeze Six Innings into Day 27.

I may have to move to Ohio. I’ve been reading, and absolutely LOVING, Ralph Fletcher’s important book, Boy Writers . . .

. . . and he gives a huge shout out to author Franki Sibberson (who suggested the book idea to him). Franki is yet another Ohio-based blogger, and you can find her at A Year of Reading. Do you see what I mean about Ohio? It’s like the little state that could.

They should make a new map. Delete the names of cities and insert the location of all the bloggers.


  1. Hi James,
    I love your post. It made me laugh! Ohio is a great state. I’m hoping to get to sit in when you are visiting the Dublin schools and will definitely read Six Innings by then. Thanks so much for your great books for kids!
    I love Boy Writers as well!

  2. jimmy says:

    Thanks, Kristine. It would be great to meet you when I visit Ohio. But hold on a sec: Bill and Karen promised that they were throwing me a kegger. It was actually a sticking point in the negotiations. I was specific, a bunch of bloggers, a keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and “Sweet Home, Alabama” played on a continuous loop. Don’t look at me like that — Jean Craighead George demands the same thing on her visits.

  3. karen says:

    Bill forgot to tell me about the kegger! Just went to a January Blues party this past weekend where Pabst Blue Ribbon was the drink of choice — my husband regretted it Sunday. šŸ™‚

    Funny piece about Ohio, and also true. I am actually headed out right now to meet Franki, Mary Lee, Bill, Katie, and Kristine in a post-Newbery gathering at our favorite independent children’s bookstore (Cover to Cover), and then our favorite gathering restaurant.

  4. Bill was there with us, but then had to leave! I am laughing about the part of the visit Bill and Karen forgot to tell me was on the itinerary! Very fun!

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