Lynda Barry, Part Duex

Hey, it’s a Lynda Barry Rock Block. Two posts in a row! I found a great link to a Lynda Barry audio slide show at Julie Fortenberry’s Picture Book Illustration blog.

Go here for the Barry link. Great stuff, under three minutes. You have the time.

And how’s this for a concluding thought:

“As adults we have it backwards. We think that we need to have an experience in order to write about it. And I’ve found from teaching this class that actually it’s the opposite: We’re writing in order to have an experience.”

Holy Wow.

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  1. Ellen says:

    YEAH! Lynda rules. Or as Matt Groening would say, Lynda Barry is Funk Queen of the Universe. I love, love, love this book. She is so totally right on about everything, about the way that creativity is squashed out of us as kids but also that it’s still accessible.
    Another link, with a good collection of video links and some great Marlys comics:
    I also LOVE More, More, More Said the Baby. A beautiful, beautiful book and always my favorite baby gift.

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