Golden Doodle Follow-Up

If you noticed the comments section under my post about My Dog Daisy, you know that I heard from my friend, Ellen Miles, who writes “The Puppy Place” series.

Here’s the cover for Noodle, the book that features a Golden Doodle pup. Ellen does such a nice job with this series. The stories are sweet and pure, perfect for young readers who love dogs. By the way, breeders have also successfully mixed Poodles with Labs, and more humorously, Cocker Spaniels, called Spoodles or Cockapoos.

I know my Maggie, a well-read second-grader, will love this book!

Ellen wrote to me:

I had a great time writing Noodle because I set it in winter (my favorite season), at the beautiful little lake near where I live. There’s a little action in it, and a little suspense. Lizzie and her family are having a winter picnic at the lake when Lizzie spots a little puppy that has fallen through the ice. How will she help rescue him? And how will she figure out who his owners are? – or, does she even really want to? Lizzie falls hard for this cute, funny little pup.

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