Two Years of Bloggy Goodness

Two years of blogging! I am now a statistical freak of nature. During that period, I’ve neglected my kids, my wife, job, hygiene, dog, pets, laundry and more. But I’m still blogging. And that’s what matters!

I’ve shared my responses to 87 pieces of fan mail, interviewed a countless number of luminaries (countless? read: too lazy to count), and documented the release of Six Innings, Along Came Spider, Mighty Casey, Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Secret Skeleton, and Bystander. In the next two months, two more books will hit the shelves: Justin Fisher Declares War! and A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade. It’s been fun sharing these experiences, and more, on the blog. I’ve also enjoyed the creative outlet, having a place to log these varied thoughts, observations, and enthusiasms.

I’ve managed 455 posts over that period, which averages to nearly 6.7 posts a day! This site has had 60,763 visits, 133,425 pageviews at 2.20 pageviews per visit, and 43,442 “unique” visitors. And my mother doesn’t even own a computer.

No, I don’t know what that means, either. Does it make me popular or not so much? No idea.

But I do know I’m grateful to everyone who has stopped by to check it out. And I’m especially grateful to my Nation of Readers who swing by on a semi-consistent, or even once-in-a-while basis. Thank you.

I mean it: I’m looking at you.


Here’s a few of my greatest hits, soon to be released on 8-Track Tape!

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