Choosing Kindness, After a Lapse

I feel frustrated today, angry, upset at the world and so many of the people in it. And because of that, upset at myself for getting sucked into that dark vortex. Overall, that’s not been my “lockdown experience.” Mostly, I’ve been pretty grateful to have two older children home, an amazing wife, a terrific dog. Like many people, we took a financial hit that’s going to hurt us for a while. But it’s never really been about the money. I mean to say that I’m working, I’m healthy, and I’m more or less ideally suited for staying home and being isolated. It’s my normal life, for better and for worse. Creatively, I’ve been inspired. Writing well. But then there are those rough days. Sad days, angry days. Today I’m giving myself a pass, hopefully learning the right lessons. Be well, any reader passing by, thanks for checking in. Wishing you all peace and hopefulness and good health. Here’s to better days. 


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