Make Digital Photos Look Old in 5 Seconds Flat

NOTE: I originally posted about this website back in 2011 and am delighted to report that it still exists. This is an updated version of that old post.

For a quick, easy way to make your new digital photos look brand old, check out this Japanese website.

All you do is upload your photo and in about fiveĀ seconds, the site spits back an aged-looking version which you can download. It’s insanely easy. Clearly, some shots lend themselves better to this treatment than others, but it’s fun experimenting with it to find out. I’d bet a baby picture might turn out especially swell, or a new photo of an old house.

For example, I got this from an image I found a few days ago . . .


oldphoto (2)

I like what it does with a landscape, which is already timeless . . .

Or this, from my daughter’s regatta up in Saratoga . . .


oldphoto (4)

And it’s also a neat way to salvage a great but poorly lit moment . . .

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