Look, See: The New Cover for “SCARY TALES: NIGHTMARELAND”

Yes I do, yes I do love getting that first look at a new book cover.

This title, number four in my Scary Tales Series, is due out in June (I think).

More on this another time.

I’m currently knocking myself out on a new novel, which keeps expanding and deepening even as I race closer to the finish line. I’m very excited about it. Color me obsessed. Not a sequel to BYSTANDER, exactly, but possibly a companion to it.

But until then, here’s “NIGHTMARELAND.”

I’m so grateful for the work of everyone at Feiwel & Friends, and the great illustrator, Iacopo Bruno, who continually amazes.

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  1. Beckyrose says:

    i do not want to wait until june…this is my favorite book series. Can’t wait.

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