Fan Mail #159: Featuring Free Artwork!

Gander at this beauty from Canada . . .

It came with a short, sweet note from Megan:

Dear James Preller,

I love your books “Jigsaw Jones,” I love the mystery. My favourite part is how Jigsaw does not know who did it. Every time I read a book I just can’t put it down. I have read a lot of books but I love yours the best.

Yours truly,


I replied:


Thank you for your incredible artwork. I can remember that scene from the book, when poor Ralphie discovers that his bicycle is gone. You did a great job.

I’ve been puzzling over the zip code you wrote on the envelope, and even tried looking it up on the internet (very confusing, these Canadian rules about zip codes), so I’m not entirely confident that you are reading this right now. I tried, how I tried!

I’m glad you are reader. And grateful for that kindest, sweetest of phrases, “I love yours the best.” Oh my, that makes me smile.

Yours very truly . . . as ever . . .


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