Fan Mail #158: Two Brothers Write, While One Writer Eats

I slacked off over the summer — I admit it, people, and that’s the first step to recovery — so let’s get back to chopping away at this pile of fan mail.

Here’s a combo pack, from two brothers . . .

Entertainingly, Christopher’s older brother, Alex, enclosed a note, too.

I decided to answer them in one fell swoop, so to speak . . .

Dear Christopher & Alex:

This is the first time that two brothers wrote to me in the same envelope. So, um . . . congratulations? Or maybe . . . Thank You!

Up front, off the bat, I have to apologize to Alex: I’m pretty much 99% certain that’s a pizza stain on your letter. It did not arrive in that condition; my pepperoni slice (delicious), eaten at my desk, left it there. An oily remains.

(It’s not just a letter, it’s a napkin, too!)

I think my favorite thing about your package is how the letters reveal a family of readers, and that behind the scenes there’s a pretty awesome mom, encouraging you guys to pick up books and read. Way to go, Mom!

I only wish I heard from Grandma. Who is she reading, Rick Riordan? I’m not good enough for granny?!

I hope that you are happy with your move to Connecticut. It must be challenging to fit into a new school, make new friends, learn new neighborhoods, all of that. So good luck.

You were kind — all of you — to send me such nice letters. And I’m especially grateful to your mother.

My best,


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