Summer Hiatus: This Is How I Want Writing to Feel

I should have written this post a month ago. My apologies for that, dear dwindling Nation of Readers.

I’m taking a break this summer. Have been, actually.

The honest truth: I have this nagging sense that it’s a net-positive (hee-hee, clever that) to get off the grid for a while.

The good news: I’ve been writing books! I have three new books coming out next summer, the launch of a new series plus a picture book, and I’m very excited about the new directions I’m taking. Or is it . . . the new places that my writing is taking me?

As a writer, I’m trying to learn new things, open up, free my imagination, let go a little bit more, let impossible things happen. See that picture up top? That’s how I want writing to feel. So I’m loosening my grip on realism. But mostly: I’ve made an effort to get back to basics, focus on writing, focus on doing my job, and letting some of the self-promotion stuff fall away, that whole semi-sickening business of James Preller, commodity/product. I think writers live in dangerous times, the lure of Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and Distraction in general. So much time away from what’s essential.

That said: I’ve done this blog for four years and it’s been a great writing outlet for me, a place to put all that randomness, I’ve loved it, and it’s been a great way for me to connect with Specifically You.

I just needed a break, I guess. Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated. Hopefully see you back here in September.

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