One Book, One School: My Visit to John Winthrop Middle School

Trying something new today — typing on my iPad from a hotel in Newberry, South Carolina, about my visit a few weeks back to Deep River, Connecticut.

First, an article that gives you all the info you need, plus some snaps. Media specialist Cara Rothman spearheaded the plan, enlisted the support from fellow teachers and administrators, and, amazingly, about nine months after she first emailed me . . . there I stood, meeting with the students of John Winthrop.

I love the “one school, one book” concept. It creates a true unity of purpose among the educators, and a common experience for students. It doesn’t have to be my book; there are so many great books out there. But I do think it brings a school together in a spirit of cooperation, everybody pulling on that same oar.

Thank you, Cara!

Really nice, carpeted library — the perfect setting. Nice chairs, too. At John Winthrop, even the halls were carpeted. Very quiet.

Cara used the book to teach and reinforce vocabulary and key concept

These awesome girls hung around to comment and ask questions after one session — and somebody grabbed a camera. I love it when a book seems to appeal to both male and female readers.

Oh, dear. An unfortunate angle.

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