Fan Mail Wednesday #123

I have a new motto: No more apologies! Fan mail is such a wonderful gift, such a privilege, but I so often associate it with a nagging sense of guilt. I sometimes struggle to keep up, fall behind, and it becomes one more thing to feel bad about. Crazy, right? But that’s how I roll.

Here’s a lovely letter from Julia in North Carolina. And it’s all good.

I replied:

Dear Julia,

Thank you for your wonderful letter. It was very kind of you to sit down and write it. Such a gift to me, to have a reader like you. I feel blessed and grateful.

However, I charge $5 for autographs. Plus $1.35 for shipping and handling. So it would be impossible for me to . . .

No, kidding! Really, that was a joke. Your autograph is on the way. Happily. Good luck with your school year, and keep on reading, Julia. It’s good for your brain, you know.

Your friend,

James Preller

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