Fan Mail Wednesday #112

Dear Mr. Preller,

My name is Chelsey. I am writing because I have a seven year old sister who came across your Jigsaw Jones books in her classroom. She has a birthday coming up and her one wanted item is the entire set of Jigsaw Jones. Unfortunately, the set is completely sold and I cannot cobble together a complete set out of the ones that are for sale online. No bookstore sells all of them, nor are they in a used bookstore. Our local library only has four. Is there any way you could help?

Thank you for your time and all your help.



I replied:


You are a kind and resourceful sister. And as for your younger sister, the birthday girl, she’s a pretty amazing kid — with impeccable taste and intelligence, obviously.

To my knowledge, the complete set is a tough get, as they say, with readers piecing it together through book stores, book clubs, thrift shops, garage sales, and by nosing through neighbors’ trash cans (warning: careful for raccoons & moldy cheese).

One idea: eBay. I know that a lot of folks, looking to get rich quick, perhaps retire to some tropical island, sell “gently used” copies of Jigsaw Jones quite frequently. My other suggestion is that you contact Scholastic Book Clubs at a toll-free number, 1-800-724-6527. They are often receptive to customer requests and, if you catch the right operator, will do everything possible to help you on your most worthy quest.

Good luck, brave knight!


P.S. If you send me an address via email, I’ll send a signed copy made out to your sister. Just because I’m so unbelievably nice.

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