Fan Mail Wednesday #107 (Friday Edition)

Here’s a lad who’s in for bitter disappointment:
Hi. My name is Christopher and I am in the 3rd grade. We were given a project to do on our favorite author and I picked you. I have to do a visual aid that needs to include some interesting facts about you. Can you give me some interesting facts about you? What are some of your favorite hobbies other than writing?
I replied:
Christopher, thanks for selecting me as your favorite author. I have three kids and I can’t even crack their Top Ten List. Interesting things? Oh dear. Let’s see:
1. I suffer from terrible dandruff.
Actually, this photo is from a recent trip to New York City. And guess what? It snowed. A lot.
2. I sat in the last row of Shea Stadium, up high in the clouds, for the 5th Game of the 1969 World Series when the New York Mets won it all. I was in 3rd grade, just like you, and I remember it like it was yesterday. However, yesterday I don’t remember all that well.
3. The funny thing about hobbies is, well, I don’t really think of anything I do as a hobby. I mean, I don’t carve wooden ducks in the basement. I don’t collect anything (except dandruff: see above). Hey, wait. I once got hired to write a book about Baseball Card Collecting, and as a result I decided to collect a complete set o 1969 Topps baseball cards. The most valuable card I own is probably this one, it cost more than $100:
4. I love music and listen to it all the time. My favorite songwriter is Bob Dylan. But if I’m really concentrating (unlike, say, now), I have to switch to something instrumental, in which case I prefer jazz: Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, etc.
5. I once wrestled an alligator on a trip down to Florida. Just for kicks, Christopher, because that’s how I roll. It did not work out well for the alligator:
Seriously, Christopher, I don’t know that there are any interesting facts about me. I’m just a guy, a husband, a father. My life isn’t extraordinary. Whatever limited magic I might have, I try to put into the books. However, for your report, you can find more information about me with a little digging in this very blog. 1) Up at the top of the page, click on “BIO,” and; 2) Click on “Q & A.” If there’s any interesting stuff (unlikely), you’ll find it there.
Good luck on your report!

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