Fan Mail Wednesday #103 (The Video Edition!)

Any author can answer a letter the old-fashioned way — that is, pay their hired assistant Roxanne to stuff an envelope. But a video letter? That takes someone who can’t actually type!

This is for you, Ms. Aberman’s class at Edgewood Elementary in Scarsdale, NY. Thanks for your swashbuckling ideas, me hearties!

Ms. Ableman wrote:

Thank you for visiting our school and sharing how you became a writer. Your visit reinforced my message to the students that writers use things that really happened in their life to them with their writing ideas for books. Sharing your personal experiences demonstrated how drawing from personal experiences really makes your writing come to life.

As promised, my class came up with some ideas for your next pirate book. We hope you enjoy reading the ideas as much as my class enjoying coming up with the ideas for the next book. We can’t wait to read the next pirate book adventure.

Thank you again for allowing us to have a peek into your world as a writer and we look forward to many more James Preller books.

Very truly,

Ms. Aberman

Regarding the video response: I really am sorry for mangling the pronunciation of any of your names. Apollonia & Kasumi, I’m looking at you! I’m just really poor at that stuff, partly because I live under a dome in Delmar, NY. Also, I’m not skilled at video editing and, frankly, can’t spend too much time on my movie-making career — better to just blast it out. Forgive me. I am now going to walk the plank like the scurvy dog I am.

But first, this video message . . .

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  1. Kurtis says:

    Very entertaining. How about a Pirate’s Guide to School Author Visits?

  2. Spencer Johnson says:

    Ethan says thank you for making him a superstar

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